We came in contact with Na last May. Nancy was in a town nearby and went into a store, where she met the owner and happened to tell her that she works with deaf people. The owner said her niece was deaf. So, Nancy asked her to call Na’s parents and bring her to the shop the next day.

We established contact with her family, visited her home, arranged for a medical examination with a team of foreign doctors, and had her get a hearing test. In addition to being deaf, Na also has a heart condition and is blind in one eye.

Prior to meeting last May, Na’s parents had no idea it was even possible for her to go to school. She is seven years old and had never been before. After a few roadblocks, we were finally able to get her enrolled in a small, private school. (There are only three other students!) We met Na, her aunt, and her dad and went with her on her first day. When she walked upstairs to the classroom, she was excited and immediately interacted with the kids. Your support has helped make this opportunity possible.