the story

about the haneys

In the fall of 2009, during a sermon series at their church, Jeff and Nancy Haney felt compelled to answer a question. “What does Crazy Love look like for our family?” With three young children, jobs, cars, and a house with a mortgage, they came to an answer that surprised them both and changed the course of their plans. That answer was “Move to Vietnam.”

What exactly they would do in Vietnam was unclear, but they were sure they should go. Through a number of contacts, they narrowed down the location they would move to. And so, a year-and-a-half later, with their kids, carry-ons, nine suitcases, and a guitar, they boarded a plane for Asia.

Since June of 2011, the Haneys have been actively learning about the situation of the deaf in Vietnam. Burdened by the educational and societal disadvantages faced by deaf people, particularly in regards to communication opportunities, the Haneys have opened a deaf education and training center in response to these needs. They are thankful to be part of the life change they see happening as deaf people gain access to sign language.

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There are many ways for you to be personally involved in what’s happening in Vietnam! Do you or someone you know have a special skill or experience that you are willing to share? You may be able to lend a hand from afar via Skype or email! Our work is made possible by donors, which include individuals, families, churches, and other organizations.