Physical education class is probably one of the most anticipated hours of the week by students and teachers. At our old school, PE was held at the school. With our small playground, we were somewhat limited and did not have access to many sports. Since moving to the new location, the children have been learning physical education at a park about 5 minutes away by walking. Every Tuesday morning, students line up in a neat line and are accompanied by teachers or older students to the park.

On the way, they met many people in the neighborhood. At first, people were very unfamiliar with our group of students wearing blue shirts and orange pants with smiling mouths and signing hands.  Now we have a routine, and our neighbors are used to seeing students on their way to the park to learn and practice badminton, gymnastics, etc. Now, everyone is familiar with our students. They smile and wave to us.

There are often older people and children there to exercise in the park. Sometimes, they will participate in sessions with CDS students. Students are happy to make new friends in the area. Thao, one of our students, stated, “I’m happy when people wave to me.’

One of our teachers recently shared her thoughts- “Personally, I find that this is an opportunity for students to interact with people around them. This also helps to change the way children and others think about the Deaf. I am also very proud of my students. I also consider myself very lucky to be their teacher to do something that makes a difference in the lives of these Deaf children.”

The bread seller near the school said: “Even though CDS students cannot speak, they are very smart. They can write or sign to let her understand when they want to buy bread. I find them very cute.”

 The ward leader shared: “The children are very lucky to go to school and participate fully in all subjects. Going to the park like this is good for them to have a place to play and study.”

 The coffee seller complimented: “The students are so smart; their faces are all bright. I hope they will study as well as hearing students.”