It is estimated that less than 15% of parents who have deaf children know sign language. Thanks to the support of you and other generous individuals and organizations, CBN is working towards raising that percentage. We are able to fund sign language classes for parents of deaf.

Because of a work conflict, one of the parents was previously unable to attend the weekly classes offered by the school. Huy states, “The communication at home between my daughter and I did not improve much, because my daughter did not understand my gestures.” Huy was able to rearrange his work schedule and start studying Vietnamese Sign Language (VSL) with his daughter.

Huy said, “After the first session I felt extremely excited. I learned new words and how to ask questions about daily life topics. I realize that sign language is not as difficult as I thought it would be.” He has even been able to learn new signs outside of class. He can write down words on paper and ask his daughter the sign. He is now able to see and understand his daughter in a whole new way.

After attending classes for several months, Huy is able to communicate with his daughter more than he ever has before. He openly shares how useful the class is for parents. He expressed that he wants to learn more sign to improve the communication he has with his daughter and to help her study more. Thanks to your support, many parents just like Huy will be able to connect and have a deeper relationship with their children through sign language.